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Embodiment Practices and Women's Leadership For Inspired Living with Shakti Sunfire.

One Hoop One Love is about connection in community and radical self-acceptance. It's about dance and movement, that allows you to fall back into your essential self, free of judgement and self-critique. One Hoop One Love is about life rhythm : the ebbs and flows of our own unfolding. So we may find our WILD way back to belonging. 

My name is Shakti Sunfire and my vision is one of total, unbridled creativity that serves to weave our webs of empowered Truth. My vision is one of wholeheartedness where we care for the Earth as we care for our bodies as we care for our spirit - where mythology and storytelling return to their place in our hearts. My vision is one of integral leadership in movement, mysticism and mindfulness practices that call us into the great responsibility of co-creating a better tomorrow.


Win a FULL Scholarship to the Elemental Hoopdance Teacher Training Program!

August 14, 2014

Tell us in ONE sentence from your HEART...WHY TEACH HOOPDANCE? And be one of 3 Recipients of a One Hoop One Love SCHOLARSHIP to Shakti's ONLINE Teacher Training and Certification course starting September 8th.



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The Rhythm Way.

June 05, 2014

The plains of Navajo sandstone spread their great wings over the land.

Gnarled piñon and juniper trees dodge their Goliath reach to root a tenuous hold in the waffled crypto — sand-swept soil. Gathered ’round their elder council, two little flowers the color of fire, one honeybee, and a thousand unheard stories...

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